Tuesday, January 1, 2013

I Am More

I am more than the name on my purse.  I am more than the style of my shoes.  I am more than the status of my car.  I am more than having a kitchen stocked for a dinner party of ten.  I am more than the thread count of my sheets.

I am the love I show my husband.  I am the comfort I give my daughter.  I am the knowledge I possess to do my job.  I am the curiosity to explore the world.  I am the capacity to learn a new language or run a marathon.  I am the longing to be more generous.

I am so much more than any physical stuff.

Upon realizing this simple concept, I have had no problem discarding any physical items.  As long as I am still here and my family is still by my side, I am all that I need to be...

and more.


  1. Love this post! This is what we all are, no matter what corporate advertising and the media would have us believe. Thanks for the reminder.

    1. So many people honestly forget how much they are besides what society teaches us. I am truly understanding the word "awakening" more & more.