Saturday, January 26, 2013


In my pursuit to minimize, I may appear ruthless - heartless.

On the contrary, I am heartful.

I dig through the useless to uncover the precious. 

Beneath the rubble of old Tupperware, papers from ten years ago, & unopened gifts you never asked for are the real gems.

There you find drawings your kids made in kindergarden, the note your husband wrote you before your wedding, or even lost money.

Once these items are unearthed, they can be honored & enjoyed appropriately.  If something is truly valuable, is it respectful to stow it in a deep, dark corner of your storage unit to possibly be looked at in passing ten years from now?

Most importantly, you regain time.  You spend time to buy, maintain, protect, store, organize, & clean these meaningless things - not to mention the mental time wasted attending to them.

That time is better spent riding bikes with family, reading a book, having drinks with a friend, calling family to catch up, or cooking a special dinner.

Therefore, I may be relentless & callous when decluttering, but it's only to discover what's genuinely worthwhile.

You may be buried under worthless clutter.  Dig out, & fill your heart with what truly matters.

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