Thursday, March 21, 2013

Your Happy Place

I can tell you where to find happiness. 

It's already hidden inside you. 

It's hidden by clutter, physical & mental. 

You will not find happiness in that new pair of shoes or that bag of chocolate or that trip to Tahiti.  It cannot be bought, made, eaten, collected, or traveled to.

The more you remove, the more you will uncover the spirit you've been attempting to embellish with the unnecessary.

Find wellness from the inside-out, & your true self will make that simple outfit pop or that beach sunset perfect - not the other way around.

Unclutter your happiness, dust it off, & let the light brighten your way.

Saturday, March 2, 2013

It's The Little Things

1)  A load of laundry

2)  A spare tram pass

3)  A friendly smile

4)  Holding a door

5)  Giving directions

6)  A list of contacts

All of these things may seem small to you, but to another, they could mean...

1)  One less chore after arriving home from a long trip

2)  Easy access to transportation in a foreign country without converting currency, finding a ticket machine, & translating another language.

3)  A sense of comfort in an unfamiliar setting

4)  Relief to a mom struggling with a stroller & crying baby

5)  Sparing a lost soul from wandering around an extra hour

6)  A link to a much needed job

Everyday, I'm amazed at the power we have to affect the course of someone's day, or more, with simple actions.

You don't have to end world hunger or achieve global peace, but you can be like a pebble tossed in water whose rings spread far beyond its initial impact.