Thursday, January 31, 2013


We've been fed a lie, & now, we have an obesity epidemic - an outbreak of over consumption. 

Our lives are bursting at the seams with useless junk that has been crammed down our throats by marketing & social pressure.

We buy fancy cars, famous name clothes, & fine china to impress our friends & family.  We buy the latest & greatest gadgets because they claim to have better programs.  We exchange meaningless gifts to prove we are thoughtful.

I've been labeled countercultural by some.  I find that odd when many people approach me in search of the same & with similar feelings.

The average American is so entrenched in the consumer cycle that has been sold to us that we've forgotten their true self & purpose in life.

Your purpose is not to own a different pair of shoes for every day of the month.  Your purpose is not to own a car that costs over half your income.
Your purpose is not to wear three layers of expensive make-up to cover two wrinkles. 

Wake up!

Be you.  Be yourself.  Be countercultural.

Saturday, January 26, 2013


In my pursuit to minimize, I may appear ruthless - heartless.

On the contrary, I am heartful.

I dig through the useless to uncover the precious. 

Beneath the rubble of old Tupperware, papers from ten years ago, & unopened gifts you never asked for are the real gems.

There you find drawings your kids made in kindergarden, the note your husband wrote you before your wedding, or even lost money.

Once these items are unearthed, they can be honored & enjoyed appropriately.  If something is truly valuable, is it respectful to stow it in a deep, dark corner of your storage unit to possibly be looked at in passing ten years from now?

Most importantly, you regain time.  You spend time to buy, maintain, protect, store, organize, & clean these meaningless things - not to mention the mental time wasted attending to them.

That time is better spent riding bikes with family, reading a book, having drinks with a friend, calling family to catch up, or cooking a special dinner.

Therefore, I may be relentless & callous when decluttering, but it's only to discover what's genuinely worthwhile.

You may be buried under worthless clutter.  Dig out, & fill your heart with what truly matters.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013


As I roll out of bed in the morning, I inwardly say "Thank you". 

As I peruse the plentiful foods in my kitchen, I silently say "Thank you". 

As I kiss my husband before we part ways for the day, my lips says "Thank you".

As I receive a sleepy hug from my daughter as she crawls out of bed, my heart says "Thank you."

As I continue to schedule work for my business, I verbally say "Thank you".

These simple words color my entire day.  It shapes the thoughts that follow -  a domino effect.

Saying "Thank you" minimizes my day to what's most important.  Any obsessive worry, unnecessary clutter, and unhealthy influences are mentally placed to the periphery.  I am free to place my precious time & attention where it is most valued.

Simply said, it makes me smile.  I approach the next moment more positive, productive, & relaxed.

As a result, I am continually blessed with more to be thankful for. 


*  Thank you for your time & attention to my writing.  I truly appreciate all the support.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Low Hanging Fruit

"I don't even know where to begin." 

I hear this often in response to the mere suggestion of simplifying.

Low hanging fruit are the easy decisions.  Things you already know are useless to you.  You just haven't taken action yet.

Where is that sweater your great aunt knitted with reindeer on the front?  How many pieces of clothing in your closet still have tags on them?  Do you have votives with 2 centimeters of candle wax caked in the corners?  Are there mismatched food containers floating around in your cabinets?  Perhaps there is a Windows 98 textbook gathering dust on your bookshelf?  Have you perused the expiration dates on all your food?

"What next?" you may ask.

The out-the-door pile is my personal answer.  I reserve a spot in the basement for all the "fruit".  It's a holding place until further decisions are made.  I'll address this in a future post. 

Meanwhile, you can breath in the newly discovered free space.  You get a feeling for what it can be.  You are able to reorganize important items into the new space.  The remaining valuables are more visible & easily accessed.  You're not distracted by unwanted stuff.  You become motivated to rid the house of these leftover things.  You start to notice more low hanging fruit.  You make decisions on things that were previously in limbo.  Not to mention, you will feel a momentum build - steam rolling from the easy stuff to the more difficult decisions later.

Try it for a half hour - more if you feel inspired. 

What's the worst that could happen?  Tomorrow you put it all back?  Believe me, after you taste the freedom on the other side, you won't want to.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

When Challenged

I am standing next to the sea with a snorkel dangling around my neck.  It hangs like a noose.  What if a jelly fish stings me?  What if I can't see something come up behind me?  What if I start to swallow water?  What if I get stuck?  My mind races, & my heart pounds.  I have an intense fear of the unknown in the water.

Then, the affirmation arises.  Be the woman I want my daughter to become.

I secure my goggles, practice a few breaths, & swim into the unknown.

I am 25 minutes into a workout.  I'm sweating like I've just been in a downpour.  My lungs are on fire.  My legs feel like Jello.  My arms feel like I could not lift a piece of paper.  The skin on my palms is ripping from callouses.  I realize I am barely half way done the prescribed workout.  My mind begins to say 'Just stop now.  It's not worth it.  You feel awful.  You've done enough.  You're no good at this.  Look.  Everyone else is so far ahead of you.'

Then, the affirmation arises.  Be the woman I want my daughter to become.

I breath, wipe my sweat, shake my arms, focus on my own workout, & finish what's been assigned.

I am walking through Target. I see a rack of shirts that would be perfect for work.  They're on sale.  They have five different colors.  I know I have a closet full of more than enough clothes already.  I would like to save extra money for my next adventure & keep my possessions at a minimum.  However, I reason that they will be great for work, going out, paired with this cardigan or those pants.  They're a bargain.

Then, the affirmation arises.  Be the woman I want my daughter to become.

I put the shirts back, walk away, save $60 for my next adventure, & be grateful for the clothes I already own.

I not only challenge myself in the present moment -
I am also a model of how I wish for my daughter to be. 


Tuesday, January 1, 2013

I Am More

I am more than the name on my purse.  I am more than the style of my shoes.  I am more than the status of my car.  I am more than having a kitchen stocked for a dinner party of ten.  I am more than the thread count of my sheets.

I am the love I show my husband.  I am the comfort I give my daughter.  I am the knowledge I possess to do my job.  I am the curiosity to explore the world.  I am the capacity to learn a new language or run a marathon.  I am the longing to be more generous.

I am so much more than any physical stuff.

Upon realizing this simple concept, I have had no problem discarding any physical items.  As long as I am still here and my family is still by my side, I am all that I need to be...

and more.