Wednesday, December 4, 2013

My Passion Project

I vibrate when planning a trip.  Constructing & reconstructing a house of cards.  

All the potential combinations of airfares, lodging, credit card miles, expenses, etcetera dance through my head changing partners at the prompt of a caller. If this, then that.  If that, then this.  The possibilities swim in a soup of adrenaline that is my brain. 

The numbers tick & click out of a hypothetical calculator onto a roll of paper that piles around my feet.  My fingers bounce from website to website testing bits & pieces like a mad scientist.  Hours roll by as if in a movie montage.

My mind shivers nervously envisioning everyone else in the world will swallow this exact itinerary before I hit 'confirm'.  I wait breathlessly for the final approval from all other players involved as if awaiting the president's nod to push the button.

Will the stars align? Will all the cogs fit just so in this machine?  Has all my beautiful labor formed into our next amazing adventure?

I thrive on this rush.  It's a passion from birth to completion.  I see the process through from hearing about a destination here & there to sprinkling it into conversation with my husband to floating some dates to crunching the numbers to booking & ahhh finally, finally to reveling in the spoils.