Wednesday, January 23, 2013


As I roll out of bed in the morning, I inwardly say "Thank you". 

As I peruse the plentiful foods in my kitchen, I silently say "Thank you". 

As I kiss my husband before we part ways for the day, my lips says "Thank you".

As I receive a sleepy hug from my daughter as she crawls out of bed, my heart says "Thank you."

As I continue to schedule work for my business, I verbally say "Thank you".

These simple words color my entire day.  It shapes the thoughts that follow -  a domino effect.

Saying "Thank you" minimizes my day to what's most important.  Any obsessive worry, unnecessary clutter, and unhealthy influences are mentally placed to the periphery.  I am free to place my precious time & attention where it is most valued.

Simply said, it makes me smile.  I approach the next moment more positive, productive, & relaxed.

As a result, I am continually blessed with more to be thankful for. 


*  Thank you for your time & attention to my writing.  I truly appreciate all the support.

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