Thursday, January 31, 2013


We've been fed a lie, & now, we have an obesity epidemic - an outbreak of over consumption. 

Our lives are bursting at the seams with useless junk that has been crammed down our throats by marketing & social pressure.

We buy fancy cars, famous name clothes, & fine china to impress our friends & family.  We buy the latest & greatest gadgets because they claim to have better programs.  We exchange meaningless gifts to prove we are thoughtful.

I've been labeled countercultural by some.  I find that odd when many people approach me in search of the same & with similar feelings.

The average American is so entrenched in the consumer cycle that has been sold to us that we've forgotten their true self & purpose in life.

Your purpose is not to own a different pair of shoes for every day of the month.  Your purpose is not to own a car that costs over half your income.
Your purpose is not to wear three layers of expensive make-up to cover two wrinkles. 

Wake up!

Be you.  Be yourself.  Be countercultural.

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