Friday, April 5, 2013

Blank Slate

Last night, I walked into my home at 11:15pm after a whirlwind 48 hour business trip.  Everyone was asleep.  I was exhausted from a flurry of awesome adventures - personal & professional.

The house is already minimal with furniture, clean, & smells of hyacinth I bought for Easter.  All my daughter's toys were put away, my husband's electronics were simply slid back into their place, & not a dish was in the sink.

Ahhh... 'this is my blank slate' I thought.  The place I come to recharge.  I return to my self & my family - my priorities.  It's the foundation for the life I choose to lead - ready for anything.

I'm not tied down by maintaining unnecessary belongings or cleaning knick knacks.  I simply maintain what we truly need & possessions we value.  I'm not visually or mentally distracted with belongings that really do not matter.

At first glance, some may think our home a bit sterile or lifeless.  I see a completely different picture.  On this blank canvas, we can paint any scene we choose.  My daughter can put on an impromptu dance show.  We can have a full blown soccer game.  I can whip out my laptop with piles of paperwork for business.  We can host 10 people in our modest townhome for a party.  I'm also untethered to maintenance so I can plan my next adventure.

Our home is a template to live in.  It does not define us.  We define it.

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