Sunday, December 16, 2012

Less Stuff, More Life

This is the mantra that started it all for me.  My "aha moment".

My stuff prevents me from having the life I want.  My time is spent to clean my stuff, to sort my stuff, to acquire my stuff, to replace my stuff, to protect my stuff, etc...  I could go on & on.

I quickly amassed stuff because that's what I thought success looked & felt like.  That's what adults do, right?  Shopping was ingrained in me as a hobby - a sport, & I was bound for the gold medal. 

At 31, my house was bursting at the seams with stuff. 

I was constantly stressed.  If I wanted to put new stuff away, I'd have no place because the old stuff was taking up all the storage.  The storage areas & the piling new stuff became like programs running in the background on your computer.  They sucked my energy subconsciously.

Not only were there logistical concerns, I also worked endlessly to buy said stuff.  In essence, I traded my time for money for stuff.  Therefore, bills added to my stress.

As I purged the stuff, I focused on experiences instead - traveling, concerts, nice restaurants with my husband, festivals, etc...  I have amassed countless, precious memories that require no storage, no cleaning, no protection, and no replacing.  I have shared them with loved ones & new friends. 

Stuff comes & goes.  My memories I can store without limit, & I do so happily. 

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